Since 2008 LHP has supported two Orphanages in Vietnam. The Son La Orphanage and the Hoa Hung Orphanage.

In 2009, 70 children from the Son La Orphanage received new uniforms, blankets and warm clothes to keep them warm in the Winter time.

In 2010 LHP adopted the Hoa Hung Orphanage and it’s 13 children. We developed a long term program with English classes to the older children, donated clothes, books and school supplies. But the most important project was the weekly nutritious meal which focused on providing protein, fruits and vegetables. The children were happy and well cared for but after two years most of them had reached an age where they could work with their aunts and uncles in their farms and so they moved back to the countryside to help their families. We have beautiful memories that will be forever in our hearts and we hope to have touched their hearts and made a difference in their lives as well.


God’s Gift to you is the Gift of Life. What you do with your life is your Gift to God” – Mother Theresa of Calcutta